The .lk domain is administered by the LK Domain Registry, an independent not-for-profit organization that works to create a unique Sri Lankan identity on the web.

The LK Domain Registry is the national body that registers domain names ending in “.lk”.

LK is recognized as a very safe place to register your domain (If you come to a LK website, it will be a safe experience). When registering a .LK domain, an initial verification process is included prior to register the domain.

A domain will be registered within one working day, given that the application submitted is complete and the payment has been made.

A basic domain will cost Rupees Three Thousand (Rs.3000/-) + tax and we also have second level domains for lower prices. Please check “Domain Payments” for more details.

You can check the status of the domain using the search facility on our website. Please note that the actual addition to the database would take some time depending on local working times, although they will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.

To check the availability of the domain name you intent to register, you can visit our website - - and key in the domain name in the Search box. If the search returns a “Domain is available for registration”, it means the domain name is available for registration, subject to LK DOMAIN REGISTRY’s Registration Policy and Procedures.

At present, there is no local presence requirement. Therefore, foreign individuals / companies, who do not have a local presence, can register their domains either through LK Domain Registry or through Agents, who are located in Sri Lanka.

There are many online payment options available with LK Domain Registry, including payments by  MASTER or VISA Credit Cards. Please visit ‘Domain Payments’ for more details.

  • Need to provide the actual user of the domain as the REGISTRANT and the ORGANISATION of the domain.
  • Should mention the exact reason to choose the particular name and
  • If it is for a business, we may require additional documents such as,
    • Schools – a letter from the Principal
    • Religious places –a letter from the Head Priest/Head
    • Banking related domains – copy of the license from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka
    • Insurance related domains – copy of the license from the Insurance Board of Sri Lanka
    • Sports related domains – approval from the Ministry of Sports or relevant authorized body.
    • Gambling related domains – approval from Ministry of Finance
    • Political parties – Letter from the General Secretary of the Party and the Confirmation of the Party registration by the Election Commissioner.
    • Associations/Unions –a Letter from the Secretary of the Association / union.
    • University related domains – a Letter from the Vice-Chancellor.
    • Other similar domain – a letter from an appropriate person.

You may submit the online domain request with the accurate information along with the respective documents. You may require submitting the supporting documents upon request. If the domain is available and falls within our guidelines, you will be notified to make payments for registration.

No, we do not need any documentation. However occasionally as in the above case, we may require above mentioned documents, in order to protect .LK from any disputes. If there is a trademark, we may require a no-objection letter from the trademark owner / foreign principal.

If your domain is your registered company name, some abbreviation or part of the trademark, it will not be rejected.

If the domain is confusingly similar to an existing domain or if it causes any confusion among general public, it will be rejected.

If you realize that we have made an error, then you can give further reasons for selecting the domain. These will be forwarded to a panel who will decide the merits of the application.
Some domains have already been reserved such as names of towns, names of government organizations, etc and therefore such domain requests will also be rejected.

LK Domain Registry retains the ultimate discretion to reject or refuse the type of domains mentioned below:
o Names, which are offensive to any person or group of people.
o Any name, which could be claimed by a particular organization (eg temple, mosque, church etc).
o Names, which are contrary to public interest or order, national harmony, or offend good taste or decency, religious beliefs or any other social objectives.

Yes, registrants will be bound by the agreement (Registrant Agreement) with the registry (LK DOMAIN REGISTRY) upon approval of the domain name. This agreement will be amended from time to time.

In addition, if you register through an agent, there may be an agreement between the Agent and the Registrant, to which LK Domain Registry is not responsible.

No, domain names are unique. The same domain name cannot be registered with another registry/ agent once it has been registered. But someone may register a second level domain. However it can be eliminated by registering the particular domain as a Full Package (CAT 1) which includes all the second level .lk domains as well.

You can apply for any number of domain names as long as you are eligible for that domain name.

It is a common industry practice to show the contact details of a domain name through the WHOIS record. While LK DOMAIN REGISTRY does follow the industry practice, sensitive data such as contact details of a registrant are not displayed. Only the name of the Registrant’s ORGANIZATION (or If a REGISTRANT is an individual, name of the REGISTRANT) and the renewal due date are displayed.

However, you should ensure that your correct contact details are recorded with LK at all times as the invalid contact details may cause de-registering the domain.

There are many ways to update the different roles (REGISTRANT / ADMIN / TECHNICAL and BILLING Contact) of your domain.

You may login to your account and submit a role change request or send an email from the registered email address or you may also send us an official letter requesting to update the contacts of your domain.

Each domain name may be registered for a period of 1, 2, 5 or 10 years.

In general, once a domain is registered, LK Domain Registry does not allow changing the ownership of the domain unless there is a genuine reason.

Change of a company name, the entire business has been transferred to another organization, formation of a new company by the same person will be accepted for such change.

Yes, a registrant may contact the registry for assistance if he cannot get a satisfactory response or solution from LK DOMAIN REGISTRY's registered agents. However, it is advisable for the registrant to resolve the problems with the agent first as both parties are bounded by a commercial agreement signed between each other.

No, LK DOMAIN REGISTRY will not be charging the registrants directly for the domain registrations done through agents. All payments need to be made to the agents.

It is unlikely for agents to charge the same fee as they will be offering their services on a competitive basis. Their fee will also depend on whether it includes other value added services such as website hosting and email hosting services.


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